Saturday, 5 April 2014

Second of my two episodes in The Archers

I'm minded after a comment made on social media about my rubbish Geordie accent as Heather Pritchard to blog about dialects and accents and intra-regional differences.  You have to laugh, really, though indignation was my first reaction. Come on, this is my Geordie accent, the one I grew up with, four miles north of the Tyne! But that blog will have to wait till tomorrow. Resting up after an exhausting filming day. Just joking. Half an hour's drive, two and a half hours hanging around and twenty minutes filming. Typical of a film shoot, but somehow I find that more exhausting than doing a workshop with a group of lively teenagers - and they are much more fun! Perhaps that's the secret.

In the meanwhile, here's the second of my two outings with The Archers for those able to access the BBC iPlayer


  1. Had a similar experience myself. Local press in Westport Connecticut "... and Colin McPhillamy sporting a fake British accent ..." Took it as a sign of having arrived. Born in the UK, just about to work in N.Z.

    1. It's odd, that, isn't it? Thanks for your comment which just shows how tricky it can be, making remarks on an individual's accent. Sorry not to have replied earlier. I, too, am in the happy position, currently, of having ongoing work. Doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it always seems to come when I'm already busy!